1994 Dodge Ram Van B150 Q&A

1994 Dodge Ram Van B150 Question: blower works just no heat

where is the Blower Motor on a 1994 doge van b150 with a 3.9 -
Answer 1
The Blower motor is located on the passenger side of the vehicle under the hood. This is how to remove it. REMOVAL 1.Remove the top half of the fan shroud. Move the top half of the shroud out of the way. 2.Disconnect the electrical connection to the blower motor (two wire connector near the motor) 3.Remove the blower motor cooling tube. 4.Remove the retaining nuts and washers from the studs holding the blower motor to the blower housing. 5.If equipped with A/C, pull the suction and discharge lines inboard and upward while pulling the blower motor assembly from the housing. 6.Remove the blower assembly from the vehicle and make the necessary repairs. -
Answer 2
directly behind right side/passenger side head light,. down a bit -
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