Blower Vent Stuck on 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

Little air flow at feet, defroster or passenger area. Already read Q&A from "Blower Vent Door is Stuck almost Closed. How can I repair." I see many screws to remove under dash. How and where to I start in order to get the door out without removing dash?

by in Churchville, NY on September 04, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 04, 2010
The blower vent door hinge broke. If you dont have a problem with not having a door to go from fresh air to circulatory air, do this. The blower motor under the passenger side dashboard needs to be removed. Three bolts (8mm wrench--make sure fan is not on). Carefully let the motor hand down and look up in the dashboard and you should see the blower vent door (that the hinge broke on) reach on up and pull it out. Put motor back with the three 8mm bolts. Air flow should be better. This has been a very common problem with these vehicles. Best of luck
COMMENT by on September 05, 2010
Thanks. Also, I removed the glove box- easy to do. It revealed the screws to the vent door motor which can be easily removed with a screw driver. No need to have a right angle screw driver. Then a new door can be placed in the vent.
COMMENT by on September 27, 2010
this happened on my 06. the lack of outside vs. re-circ has not bothered me in 110 or 30 degree conditions. You just have to remove the broken door and its hinge pieces in order for the fan to work without hitting the loose parts of the do0or
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