2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: blower quit working

I turned off my air one day and now it won't turn back on. I've checked all fuses, blower resistor,and motor I have no power to motor. Also when i push the button for the air it lights up it never did that before. The ac cooling fan runs all the time now. -
Answer 1
To start , when you say A/C cooling fan, do you mean the condensor fan under the hood , or the blower motor inside the truck?(I am aware you say no power to 'motor' just want to clarify --I'm a little slow. -
Answer 2
ck blower relay and resister to start with.can you get your a/c module scanned for codes. do you have manual controls or automatic controls? -
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Checked out resister, blower motor,fuses good took ignition out harness and switch doesn't look burned no power to resister or blower
The blower in my truck just all of a sudden quit. It will work on high but that is it. What could cause this.