Blower not working on 2002 Honda Civic

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The blower in my civic has stopped working and it's become a pain not having a defroster. I checked all fuses and they are good. I switched the relays around as I could and it's still not working. I've been looking online and found that it can't be the resistor because it would still work on high speed no matter what speed I have it set on. What is the location of the blower motor and how would I go about testing it?
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The blower motor is located under the right side of the dashboard. The circuit is a switch to ground type circuit meaning that the switch comes after the motor. A quick check would be to make sure you have power at the motor and then to ground the wire going to the fan switch. If the blower motor runs, I would look at the ground side of the circuit, if it doesn't then I would look at the motor or possible loose connection to the motor.