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2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Blower not working

When I have my blower at full blast it feels like its on one. The heat and AC is hot and cold, just not enough air is blowing through the vents. When its one full blast though, it sounds like its blowing, just not enough air flow. -
Answer 1
Check your blower motor operation. Listen to the motor to see if it changes speeds when you turn the Fan speed knob. If the motor changes speeds, the motor and associated resistor etc are working properly. The recirculation door is likely broken and blocking the air flow coming into the HVAC housing from the outside air inlet. If the recir door is working properly you will hear the change in air flow when you go from outside air to recir. You can inspect the Recir door by removing the blower motor and visually looking at the flapper door with the aid of a mirror. Replacement will require partial removal of the HVAC housing. -
Comment 1
my truck is doing the exact same thing had my ac on full blast working good blowing full blast air into my face then all of sudden nothing i litterally have to put my face next to vent for air to hit me! the fan speed knob it changes normal i think i can still put in on low meduim high and i can here the changes in air bot not enough air is coming out of vents it sound like if its blowing real good inside of dashboard..lol please help me some one thanks monica -
Comment 2
Where is the HVAC housing and could a tipical man with the skills to install ceiling fan do the job? -
Answer 2
It sounds like the cabin air filter is plugged. These are usually located behind the glove box or below it. Alot of times just cleaning the filters helps alot by knocking out the dust or using a air hose on them. -
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