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2006 Chevrolet Colorado Question: Blower Motor works sometime

My heater/AC fan will work all the time in high speed. All other speeds will not work sometimes. Have you an idea what’s wrong with this? -
Answer 1
system electrical diagram and circuit description of operation......then you can guess all you want or diagnose it with the correct info & troubleshooting guide. -
Answer 2
BLOWER RESISTOR! High speed is not controlled by the resistor,but the lower speeds are. Located near the blower motor behind glove box. -
Comment 1
This is very helpful. Is the resistor in the cab or on the firewall? -
Comment 2
LOOK BEHIND GLOVE COMPARTMENT!! Maybe you should seek a mechanic's help. GOOD LUCK. -
Answer 3
ck blower motor resistor it defaults to high if its bad most of the time -
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