blower motor run intermediate,drl`s off,radio display off. on 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

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about a month ago,i noticed my drl`s were off.Later my radio display would flicker on and off.i could tap it and it would come back on.Now it`s off for good.Also my blower motor seems to run when it wants to.when it stops i have to shut the car off and restart it.Most of the time it comes back on.Are they any relation to these three problems.Any help needed.thanks much
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I don't see a relation between all these problems. Find an auto electric shop or a GM specialist.
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Your blower motor is going to fail soon it should be replaced. i recommend you replace the resistor at the same time. your drl will need the module it is common. but check fuses first. and the radio lights are dead also common. cheaper to replace the radio then have it fixed