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2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Question: blower motor resistor

why does my blower motor resistor keep going out? I replace it and in a few days of running the fan, it goes out again. I then replace it again etc... -
Answer 1
If the blower motor is drawing too much current, it could be ruining your blower motor resistor. You can check the amperage draw on the motor, but you would need a spec to know if it is over the limit, and that may be difficult to find. -
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best technical answer since every thing is a throwaway item especially a blower motor!! And no one will give anything a few drops of oil huh!!! or,you could check the circuit while the motor is running,for a voltage drop ,any reading of 2 tenths of a volt,or more, would suggest that the current dtraw is excessive.! If they would check the circuit???? -
Answer 2
I had this problem on my 2004 grand prix. After replacing the resistor with no results, I finally simply bent the male connectors on the motor and made sure I had a good connection. It still works after 6 months. -
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When say bent give me an example -
Answer 3
The resistor pack is cooled by the airflow in the ac&heater housing!The ground needs checked on the blower motor,or the motor may have dry, or worn bushings,does the air come from the outlets,on the proper modes of the controls? Is the air ample on ac outlets and defrost outlets! Check for ground from engine to firewall! Does the circuit's fuse blow frequently? -
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no -
Answer 4
You need to replace the blower fan,It iis heating up or trying to lock up/bearings/motor is gone..the high current needed is whatts causing the resistir to blow -
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