2007 Nissan Altima Q&A

2007 Nissan Altima Question: blower motor problem

I have replaced blower motor in 2007 altima and still doesnt work right ,it takes about 10 minutes for fan to start blowing, is there a relay I dont know abot and where is it? -
Answer 1
Takes 10 minutes to start working? Is this like an automatic temperature control vehicle? If so, you could have a blower speed controller issue, or a temperature sensor issue. If it's basic ol' manual controlled ventilation system - check your blower resistor and wiring. -
Answer 2
Did you ever find out what was wrong. I have a 2007 Altima as well and its doing the same thing. The colder it is the longer it takes to kick in. -
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you can hear the compressor kick in and out. it has the right amount of Freon in it. we changed the blower motor resistor and it still does it. it's almost as if something gets hot.
This happens when its set to heat. When set on A/C its just fine. Not sure what to replace, motor or resistor?
I changed defective switch that control the blower but after a try to turn on both doesn't work. seems like there's no voltage in the electronic board control
Fan only works on highest speed. Any suggestions as to what needs to be replaced?
The problem is that the blower do not work on any level lowest or highest