Blower motor operates only on high speed.It's a 5.2L v-8 on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

I removed the resistor which is in the upper part of the a/c box and looked at the 3-springs.All are intact.

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Just replace the resistor!!!
Thanks for your reply.I thought that the resistor would be bad only if the springs are broken,but you're saying then that that's not so.It could still be bad even without visible signs.I also suspect the speed-control and I'm going to replace both......Thanks again.....frankiedon.
They loose connection at the base of the board! Springs usually ok. Don't attempt to repair,, replace it! It aint the "speed control" replace the d..n resistor!!! Lol.
Thanks again,looks like you are up early like me.....I'll order a new resistor as soon as posible......frankie don.
Yep, got a few thngs to do early this am.
U welcom.