1994 Infiniti Q45 Q&A

1994 Infiniti Q45 Question: blower motor

my blower motor wouldn't stop, then it stop blowing at all even when a/c on. motor still good. help -
Answer 1
could be your blower resistor -
Comment 1
thanks goodguy for responding. searched autozone results were resistor block. searched autopartswarehouse.com results blower resistor. these appear to be two different items. or is it just that one(autopartswhes.) is a oes genuine part. could you help me with that. and is it the resistor in the motor itself? -
Answer 2
agree w/#1 answer most likely resistor -
Comment 1
thank greg orange's auto. please help with response in "goodguy"reply. -
Comment 2
i would go with dealer part. the aftermarket ones are maginal at best. -
Comment 3
the resistor should be beside the blower motor and mounted on the heater box -
Comment 4
thanks goodguy, i'll check it out and let you know it goes. but while i got you, traction control won't enguage and slip light on. changed switch but nothing, can you advise on that. thanks -
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the comp. display not working. all fuses and fuseable links seem good, is there a hidden fuse panel somewhere?
hey greg and goodguy, pulled a resistor from a different car. both makes a click when i adjust the fan speed from 3 to 4. you think its the resistor or maybe something else. thanks.