blower motor on 1994 Infiniti Q45

my blower motor wouldn't stop, then it stop blowing at all even when a/c on. motor still good. help

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agree w/#1 answer most likely resistor
thank greg orange's auto. please help with response in "goodguy"reply.
i would go with dealer part. the aftermarket ones are maginal at best.
the resistor should be beside the blower motor and mounted on the heater box
thanks goodguy, i'll check it out and let you know it goes. but while i got you, traction control won't enguage and slip light on. changed switch but nothing, can you advise on that. thanks
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could be your blower resistor
thanks goodguy for responding. searched autozone results were resistor block. searched results blower resistor. these appear to be two different items. or is it just that one(autopartswhes.) is a oes genuine part. could you help me with that. and is it the resistor in the motor itself?