Blower Motor on 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

All of a sudden my blower motor stopped working. I checked all of the fuses and they are all good in both fuse boxes. No sign or noise. Just stopped while it was on high.

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Where is this resistor for the blower motor? I cannot get a repair manual for this doopy car, but I really love it.
This is the best manual to access under the circumstances...

The resistor shows in my literature as on the HVAC unit, behind the right side of the dash. Just to the left of the blower motor.
Thank you Dave.One more question. Is this in the engine compartment?
No, under the dash. Glove box area.
THANK YOU MUCH! Your the best. I will susbcribe to the manual. I had a bad experience in the past subscribing to a manual that did not help me so your answers are very much appreciated. Steven
I don't sell or endorse the manual, by the way. I do, however, use it from time to time myself and find it reasonable...
Thats good to know. But there are different kinds of memberships right? There's weekly, monthly etc.You have been a great deal of help. Now I need to see if I can resolve this. I'm in NY and its FREEZING out there. Thanks again Dave
Yes; consult the site for memberships - I think you can even get a day pass.
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Could be the motor, could be the resistor for the motor. Circuit testing is in order to check it.
Where is this resistor?
Thank you!