blower motor on 1997 Ford Escort

The heater blows only on low. Is this the blower motor resistor?

by in Kansas City, MO on October 09, 2009
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ANSWER by , October 09, 2009
When the resistor fails, you normally lose all speeds except the highest speed. I would get this checked to see why you only have the lowest speed, it may be the switch. What happens when you select a higher speed, does it continue to blow at a slow speed or does it stop working?
COMMENT by , October 10, 2009
Hi, This isn't consistent with a bad resistor, but that doesn't mean it can't be the resistor. Since the symptoms are so odd, I would suggest you get this diagnosed. Let us know what you end up finding out!
ANSWER by , October 09, 2009
I would check the A/C control before replacing any parts have it diagnose at a shop so you don't waste your money.
COMMENT by , October 10, 2009
bretb: It stays at about the same speed.
COMMENT by , October 10, 2009
There are 4 positions on the dial...let's say 1, 2, 3, and 4. Positions 1, 2 and 4 seem to blow at what should be 1 and position 3 blows at what should be 3 or maybe a bit lower.
ANSWER by , February 05, 2011
did you ever fix your problem with the blower? mine blows on 1 and 2, but blows like 2 when on 3, and like 1 when on 4! could you please send any response to ? thanks!
COMMENT by , February 19, 2011
actually no. however the other day it worked on high for about a day then went back. mine blows at the same speed whether it is on 1 or 4.