BMW 325i Problem Report

BMW 325i Blower Final Stage Fan Resistor May Fail

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The blower final stage fan resistor is known to fail. Symptoms are the heater fan speed varies regardless of the setting, the fan will not turn off when the car is switched off, or the fan will not switch on at all.

Blower motor keeps running after you turn car off and running. Battery. Down -
Fan was intermittent. Dealer told me my blower resistor (final stage unit) has gone bad and the repair would cost $350. Didn't have the dealer perform that repair. Bough part online for $65 and found DIY online. Took 45 mins. -
Air conditioner/heater hisses as if it's coming on, but blows no air now in either mode. Is this an easy, inexpensive fix? -
Blower fan resistor failed. When I switch on my AC the speed does not increase or decrease. A local technician got a new blower resistor and replaced it for -
AC/Heater blower will not work -
The blower speed varies up and down while driving with the AC on. Sometimes the blower will fail to operate at all. I have not had it repaired yet. -
Blowwer final stage resistor failed. Fairly easy to replace not an expensive part. Problem was I could not control fan speed. -
The heater blower does not work and blows cold air continually. I replaced the resistor back about a year ago. Do you have any suggestions for this. -
variable blowing, sometimes not at all, then finally just stopped working altogether. $500 for part and labor at a BMW dealer -
heater will work but my car warms up and i turn off the engine then turn it back on it doesn;t work at all -
The fan is only blowing at the lowest speed -
At first my mechanic decided it was the blower motor resistor or relay while waiting on the parts to be sent he rigged it so I would have ac until then... well that blew the fuse he put in so I take it back and he says the blower motor needs to be replaced to... now the next day it is running and not shutting off when car is off so I'm going to have him just fix resistor first and pray that fixes the problem! Because obiusly the blower motor it's self is working... -
ac will not blow no matter how high fan is set,but ac lights and everything come on...was working 2 days ago and now its not... what should i do? -
fan stopped working but you can hear the car changing when ac is turned on so i believe it is just the fan. -
replace final stage unit. -
Fan for A/C and heater will not turn on at all regardless of settings. -
Fan speed would vary and one day it just stopped working. Dealer said it needed a new blower motor and fan resistor for a total cost of $1.700. -
My ac/heat would work some days and others it wouldn't for a couple months until it just completely stopped. The blower motor was working fine so it was ruled out. Turned out to be the FSU(blower motor resistor). -
fan keeps running after car has been turned off. -
Went out randomly and replaced it works now. -
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