blower fan not working on 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

It was very hot outside and when I tried to turn on the ac the blower fan did not work. the compressor is working but the fan is not

by in Salisbury, NC on July 11, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 11, 2009
The blower motor is in the rear of the engine compartment (passenger side). This vehicle also has a blower motor resister (in the engine compartment) that allows for fan speed control that may fail. There is also a fan relay, switch, wiring and fuses in the circuit. Check the 40 Amp main fuse at the battery area fuse box, the fan control relay is also in this fuse box, 7.5 Amp fuse #2 in the fuse box (I think this fuse box is in the passenger compartment).Check your owner's hand book for the fuse box location and fuse identification.
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