Blower doesn't work on 1994 Mercedes-Benz E420

My 1994 E420 blower doesn't engage when in heat or A/C. The compressor kicks on and the line is cold and no leaks in the lines good pressure. So do I have a definite blower problem? I dont think its the switches since the compressor kicks on when I push the switch.

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I'm not sure if your Mercedes has a blower resistor to control the fan speed but when the resistor fails, you'll often have the blower only working on the max/highest setting. Give that a shot and that will hopefully help you narrow it down some more.
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Take out all plastics on top of blower motor which is under wiper system (that you have to remove too)
put 12v current on it to see if it will start blowing, if it does, your blower motor is fine.Only the resistor and control module need to be checked after that.
how can i know if it's the control module - what will it do - like if it's the resistor - it will probably work on high - how can i tell on the control module?