Blow brake fuse & ABS makes a spring type noise just on 1993 Nissan 240SX

I put a new 15 amp fuse in and when I put the breaks on it blows. the bulbs and wiring in the trunk look good. The other problem is when I apply the brakes and just before I come to a complete stop ( <5mph) , there is a sound thats sounds like a spring or twang sound that comes from the right firewall side in the engine compartment. Its the ABS assembly. I think these two problems could be related. Any suggestions?

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I would focus on the fuse issue, the noise is the ABS activating and it may be related.
There is a short circuit in the brake light circuit. Diagnosing this type of problem requires electrical circuitry diagnosis, special tools and a wiring diagram. I suggest you take this to an expert.
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brake light donot work