Blog: Toyota Aygo = Fuel Efficient Soccer

By Matt Ellinwood - November 14th 2008

Ever since I saw this clip from the BBC's Top Gear, I've been waiting for the Toyota Aygo to appear in America.  I've read several times that it's coming, but it's been a couple of years since Edmunds and Autoblog shared whispers of this sort.  With the success of the Smart ForTwo, you'd expect Toyota to make it happen.  This tiny city car, which may go for less than 10 grand, has both a Renault and a Citroen mechanical twin, which should also both come to the US, but of course won't.


Once the Aygo hits our shores, if I can find a willing partner to donate the use of an abandoned airstrip, I'm totally putting together an Aygo Soccer League. It may be best if the airstrip is relatively close to a hospital.