Ten Crazy-Looking Cars

By Natalie Josef - October 1st 2010
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We at RepairPal take cars and car repair very seriously, but even we like to have fun—especially on Fridays. So, we gathered up some crazy-looking cars from the Internet to tickle your funny bone before you head out for the weekend. Enjoy!

1. High Heel Car

Don’t let my girlfriend see this car—she’ll start scouring the world for it and then I will have to sit in it and it looks about as comfortable as wearing high heel shoes.

Photo: wonderhumor.com

2. Red Boot Car
Ah, now that’s more like it.

Photo: curiousphotos.blogspot.com

3. The Incredible Shrinking Car
For all you car lovers who also happen to enjoy matryoshka dolls.

Photo: paklinks.com

4. Oakley Nitro Funny Car
I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to parallel park that thing.

Photo: bangshift.com

5. Scary Gray Face
Man, I would hate to be behind this car in a traffic jam. I would have nightmares for weeks.

Photo: curiousphotos.blogspot.com

6. The Eliminator
This car would definitely eliminate any chance of its owner getting a date.

Photo: auto.howstuffworks.com

7. Pink Poodle Car
Some people have too much time on their hands—I wish this person didn’t.

Photo: curiousphotos.blogspot.com

8. Chia Car

Photo: curiousphotos.blogspot.com

9. Stretch Beetle
I don’t know what’s scarier—the fact that they make a stretch beetle or that these people actually wanted to celebrate their big day with one.

Photo: carscrazy.blogspot.com

10. Cardboard Car
Let’s build a fort next!

Photo: vadeemansari.blogspot.com


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Very fun!!