Green Driving Tips That Everyone Can Stick To This Earth Day

By Kimberlea Buczeke - April 21st 2017

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Did you know that Earth Day is on Saturday this year? April 22nd is a day to celebrate the amazing planet we live on and make strides to help protect it. No matter how you plan on spending the day, it’s always a good time to practice driving green when it comes to your car.

Wondering how you can make a small difference Saturday and every other day? Check out our tips below.

Stop flooring it!

By accelerating slowly, your gas tank can go a lot farther, making both your car and your wallet a little greener.

Purge the junk in the trunk.

Added weight in the vehicle requires more gas to get from point A to point B. Have some unnecessary stuff you’re hauling around? Store it in the house rather than your car.

Get serious about your tire pressure.

It’s free, easy, and you should be checking it regularly. Stop riding around on tires that aren’t properly filled – it will increase fuel efficiency and the life of your tires in the long run.

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Maintenance is a major key

Keep up with your car’s regularly scheduled maintenance! Wow, that was really easy to say, but not as easy to accomplish. Wondering how? Blow the dust off your car’s user manual and crack it open. There should be a section in there about your maintenance intervals and what to do, when.

While you have that book open, check how often you should actually be getting your oil changed.

3,000 miles is old news, people. With advancements in technology, it’s unnecessary to get your oil changed every 3k miles. Check your manual for when your car really needs an oil change – you might be surprised!

Let your car keep both you and the planet in good health!

Idling is rough on your fuel efficiency and the planet. Skip the drive-thru line for your Grande Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. We also already debunked the whole “warming-up my car in the morning” myth, so there’s no excuse for unnecessary idling!

Whoaaaaaaa, slow down!

My grandma tried and tested this – it’s true! Sticking to that 55 to 65 mph speed limit actually improves your fuel efficiency, so stop speeding.

Take a day off from the car.

Think about working remotely if your job allows it, or just bike, walk, or ride public transit to work. Sometimes this isn’t always feasible, but if it is, try it out!

You’re basically a superhero at this point. Have any other tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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