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1999 Ford Taurus Question: block test results blue/green color - coolant leaking into system - blown head?

no classic symptoms of blown head gasket,sounds like it has an exhaust leak at engine, told leaking exhaust into coolant system - idles oddly,last 6 months have replaced almost all coolant parts except heater core & radiator from springing leaks, -
Answer 1
Fluid didn't turn yellow? Any overheating or coolant loss? 3.0 Pushrod or DOHC? Also you can't hear exhaust/combustion leaking into the cooling system!! -
Comment 1
no fluid did not turn yellow. no overheating at all, coolant loss was only when I was springing leaks at which time I have now replaced top and bottom radiator hose, thermostat & Gasket, heater hose assembly, overfill container, water pump, over a 6 month period, but never ran hot. It is a 3.0 single overhead and has a U in the vin for what difference that makes :) -
Comment 2
Always a smart thing to do is give ALL info. about your engine since that is where your problem is!! No SOHC engine in this car, vin code U is an over head valve PUSHROD, which by the way is less likely to be a head problem!! See why i ask??? Later. -