blinking engine light, shaky when i accelerate on 2002 Toyota RAV4

what could be the reason why my check engine light blinks and my car shakes when i accelerate(90% of the time) or when i'm stopped/braking(50% of the time). this all happened suddenly. i had an issue with my check engine light before and had my ECM replaced about 3 months ago.

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have it scan tested for codes
is my car safe to drive? my mechanic is about 6-10 miles away. i've heard that a car is safe to drive with the check engine light on as long as its not blinking
That is generally OK. The 'blinking' means that damage to catalyst is likely.Best to tow it.
thanks, i towed my car to my mechanic this morning. my car just needed new spark plugs and coils (coils cost over $200!) came out to be $392 total. my car runs great now. im driving 5 hours to visit family for thanksgiving, my mechanic says ill be fine... what are your thoughts? will i be pushing my car too hard? should i lay off on these long trips from now on? i try to visit family at least 1 a month, i hope dont dont have to start riding the bus again.
you should be good to go now that it has been repaired
my check engine light blinking and will not go in to 2gear