bleeding the brakes on 1990 Ford F-250

i changed line going to back driver side tire. do i unscrew the zerk fitting to bleed the brakes? is there a different screw to undo to bleed brakes?

by in New Lenox, IL on August 18, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on August 18, 2010
it looks like one but it is the bleeder screw and yes that is where you bleed the brakes at that wheel. Roy
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The front brakes may stick, bind, or grab. This can happen when the front brake caliper pins become corroded. Cleaning or replacing the caliper pins will be necessary to correct this problem.
i have brake fluid comming out of the driver side rear wheel on the inside. what could be the problem?
replaced master cylinder and thats when brakes started not releasing. bled brakes twice. Back drums are solid and wont move at all to come off but will turn.

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