bleeding clutch on 1995 Ford Explorer

how do i remove clutch master cylinder

by in Everett, WA on November 24, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 24, 2010
Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement Removal Disconnect clutch master cylinder push rod from clutch pedal by prying retainer bushing and push rod off pedal pin. Disconnect clutch pedal position switch from master cylinder assembly. Remove clutch master cylinder reservoir screw from the inner fender panel. Uncouple the line from clutch slave cylinder. Disconnect tube from slave cylinder using tool No. T88T-70522A or equivalent by sliding white plastic sleeve toward slave cylinder and tugging on tube. Remove tube from mounting clips. wist the clutch master cylinder 1/8 turn counterclockwise as viewed from the driver's position, while pushing inward toward the driver's position. The rubber dash boot is removed with the master cylinder. Installation Bench bleed the clutch master cylinder. install the push rod through the hole in the engine compartment. Be sure it is located on the correct side of the clutch pedal. Place the clutch master cylinder in position and rotate the body 1/8 turn clockwise as viewed from the driver's position while pushing inward. Install the dash seal into the dash hole and check that it is completely inserted into the hole. Position the clutch master cylinder reservoir on the cowl access cover and install the retaining screws. Replace clutch master cylinder push rod retainer bushing if worn or damaged. Install the clutch pedal position switch. Install the retainer and push rod on the clutch pedal pin with the flange portion of the bushing facing away from the pedal blade of the clutch pedal. Bleed the system. Insert the coupling end into the clutch slave cylinder, and install line into clip(s). Roy
COMMENT by on January 04, 2011
thanks roy in your response you say to bleed the system then connect the coupling into the slave cylinder i did it the other way around does it matter ? i keep pumping and bleeding but still no clutch pressure.
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