bleed clutch line on 1998 GMC Sonoma

how do you bleed chutch? i hade hole in line i repared line
bbut need to bleed line cant see bleeder is there one or do i have pull slave

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Same way you would bleed your brakes. Have someone pump the clutch and hold it down. You open the bleed screw on the slave cylinder and allow the fluid to run out. Close the bleeder. Pump clutch pedal again... Repeat this until you see clear fluid and all air has been bled. Final closing of the bleed screw should allow you to pump the clutch pedal and disengage the clutch when pedal is pushed in. I like to have the clutch disengaged high on the pedal path after about 1" play from top. Hope this helps.
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there is a bleeder on lower driver side of tranny, 11 mm wrech or deep soccet
there shood be a bleeder valve on slave cylinder if made a hole in line replace line becase it will bust were you repaired it