blazer stops running when driving on 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

When driving engine stop's running. Wont restart untill vehicle sets & cool's check engine lite is on. when hooked up to analizer it reads bank 1 sencer 1 have replaced all 3 o2 sencers & new fuel pump new map sincer new temp sincer new plugs new wires new distributer cap & roter still does the same thing

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An Oxygen sensor codes generally won't cause the car to die. You have a pretty intense problem. Do you have access to data streaming scanner, because just a code number is only the beginning?
If your 02 sensors are reading lean mixture I would check your fuel pumps pressure at the rail. Check it first before you drive off, to get familiarized with the process, then check it again after you have the issue.

You never know: These vehicles are famous for pump failure. Having an 18 or 19 gallon fuel tank leads a LOT of people to driving on low fuel levels, this can damage the pump pre-maturely.

I went through this same battle over the summer. It was in fact the fuel pump. Good luck!