1994 Chevrolet Blazer Q&A

1994 Chevrolet Blazer Question: blazer keeps shutting off

new fuel pump n filter , tranny, fly wheel, water pump , radi, cata converter, computer,spider(fuel inject-hoses)much more,its not over heating but when temp reaches normal 1/2 on gage it starts to bogg n when i give it more gas it turns off n will not start for 4 to 5 hrs , it runs great in drive way can leave on for an hr or more runs great but to drive it will turn off can any one help....? 2 mach shops n dealer can not find problem diag at dealer said it was ign-mod they replaced but still did same thing -
Answer 1
drive veh with fuel pressure gauge to ck for loss of fuel pressure also with scanner and watch live data. -
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