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1998 Chevrolet Blazer Question: Blazer engine number?

Two days ago when I had to go to work, my Blazer refused to start. My father came over to take a look and performed a basic distributor test to see if there was a spark. There is no spark from the distributor, so there's no power getting to the spark plugs. My father informed me to get an Emissions tune-up kit from my work (Fortunately I work at a CarQuest). To do this, I need to know if my engine has a 'W' or 'X' serial number. How do I find the number? -
Answer 1
It should be on your vin number, It looks like W = 18 gallon fuel tank. -
Answer 2
That will be the 8th digit in your VIN number. You will need to look on your vehicle's VIN plate or your registration. I think you have a W engine but make sure you double check -
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