Better gas mileage on 2009 Toyota Tacoma

How can I get better gas mileage. I'm a fairly slow driver and rarely ever go over 55 miles an hour. Most of the time I travel between 40 and 55. I only get about 18 miles a gallon. Is or anything I can do to get better mileage?

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scan ecm for live data and ck fuel trim issues
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My father taught me early in life that you need to keep fuel dry. Each time you get gas there will be some water in the fuel. Most people only add a gasline antifreeze water dryer during winter when they fill up. My father said pretend in winter that 1/2 a tank is empty and put in a bottle about every third fillup or more often if the weather is below 20 degrees. This is a good practice but people need to add periodically during the warm weather too. Especially when it is hot dog days of summer. This will remove water purchased with gas and condensation in the top of your tank rolling back into the gas and it will prevent pressure lock. In the summer have you ever taken the gas cap off and the pressure almost knocks the cap out of your hand? Keep air filter clean. The trick is getting the right amount of air to the right amount of fuel. Poor air poor economy. Have you tried air tornado adapter goes in airline hose between aircleaner and induction door or carb on older vehicles?