Belts Squeeling?? on 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis

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My 1991 grand Mercury Marqis has been making a squeeling sound for quite awhile now and it has begun to get louder under the hood of the vehicle.It sounds like to me it is comming form the belts and pulleys?? It appears to do it when its cold. When I operate my vehicle it gets hot createing a burning rubber smell. just like if you were peeling you r tires on the pavement.Slo, i have the heater on and the smell comes into the car through the vent. this is a on going problem!Need Advice Thanks!!
(2) Answers
At the very least, you need new drive belts. Get them replaced. Try that first. If that doesn't solve the problem, there may be a component siezing up but I think you need belts first. Get a mechanic to look at it.
Check your belt tensioner to see if the belt is spinning aroud it ok. Or the belts are loose,cracked or worn..If there ok. Then spray them with some belt dressing.