belts on 2003 Kia Sorento

I need to know which belt to purchase. My parking brake and battery icons are showing on my dash,and i can barely turn the steering wheel.

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I would replace all of them. they are like shoes in that if one goes you buy a pair.

Good Luck!
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its not a belt, its probably your pulley. My pulley just broke, and it did the same thing. I had to buy a new crankshaft timing gear to fix it. i also replaced the timing belt while I was at it.
I had this happen to me just a month is the harmonic balancer, which runs all belts and needed to be completely replaced, the bolt sheared of holding it, and this is a problem that all KIA Sorrento;s have had. Yet KIA refused to recall, this can cause serious injury or accident while driving and it happens...lose all control of wheel...
I have a KIA that did the same thing it was the power steering pump ...