2003 Chrysler 300M Q&A

2003 Chrysler 300M Question: belts

Answer 1
Parts store can look that up for you by application. -
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The AC drive belt tensioner bracket can crack and cause the belt to make noise or jump off the pulleys. The AC system may stop working as well. A cracked bracket could damage the cylinder head; i...
There is a constant clicking noise under the hood when the car is running. Belts were just replaced. What is it? Car has 73,000 miles.
An under-tensioned alternator drive belt may cause a growling noise in the engine area at low speeds (usually when accelerating from a stop). This is often mistaken for catalytic converter failure.
i was driving my car and came to the stop sign and the car died on me i thought that i was gas but it had gas and i still but 3 gallons into the car. I checked the spark plug that was not it neith...
I was driving down the road and my belts snapped. Had music up and did not hear it. Continued to drive until it died due to the alterna...