belt tensioner on 1995 Buick Park Avenue

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how to replace tensioner pulley itself not just the belt on 1995 with 3800 motor buick park ave
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The belt tensioner pulley on your 1995 Buick Park Avenue is generally replaced with the tensioner assembly. The belt tensioner on your Buick is quite complicated as engine coolant passes through it. The complete tensioner is a bit difficult to replace but not that bad. If you would like to replace just the pulley you can but you may need to purchase the complete tensioner to get a new pulley. The bolt that holds the tensioner pulley on is "left-hand" tread, meaning it turns clockwise to remove and counter clockwise to install - the reverse of normal bolts.
thanks that helps me out a lot how do i tell if the belt tensioner is bad for sure cause then ill just replace the belt and is the belt to hard to replace please let me know