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1997 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Belt tensioner

Trying to replace belt tensioner. What all do you have to take off to get to it? -
Answer 1
First you must release the tension off the belt. Look in your under hood area and there should be a belt routing diagram. Once you are sure of the routing, then you can rotate the Tensioner so it releases the belt tension. There is typically a hex area where yo can apply torque and then you slip off the belt. The tensioner is held in by bolts, so loosen them and remove it. I don't recommend just doing the pulley, because the spring in the tensioner is worn out about the the same time the pulley fails. Then reverse the process, that is re-install the belt. -
Comment 1
no help do you take off the right wheel and splash pan to get to it -
Answer 2
To replace the tensioner u pull the pully off and you should see two bolts on either side of the front attached to the bracket... -
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