Chrysler Town & Country Problem Report

Chrysler Town & Country Belt Noise Due to Pulley Misalignment or Belt Tensioner

(19 reports)

Misalignment of the accessory pulleys or a faulty drive belt tensioner may cause a chirping or squeaking sound while the engine is running. In If the replacing the belt tensioner does not correct the noise, the alternator pulley may require replacement.

Noise from the Alternator/Serpentine Belt area when idle. Louder with A/C. -
Noise made by fan belt, when idleing, not a pleasant sound new belt did not help, need ideas to correct offensive sound! -
Just had idler pulley, tensioner, water pump, and serpentine belt replaced. Now hear a chirping noise when A/C is on. -
Squealing and belt failure multiple times, unknown origin. Have had into the shop at least 10 times -
Replaced pulley. -
A loud squealing noise from the area of the serpentine belt. -
tensioner failed after replacing new belt and tensioner have a low idle chirp. help -
Made those terrible noise that sounded like a huge cricket. Crayon on the serpentine belt was a temp fix. Ultimately we replaced belt and pulley it's been fine ever since. -
The serpentine belt has been replaced twice which caused dead battery, water pump and power steering motor replaced. I think the problem is pulley misalignment or the belt tensioner -
during cold startup or turing at slow speed. Nver fixed it. -
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