Belt connected to alternator, how do you loosen it on 1990 Dodge Ram Wagon B250

Recently, my alternator died. I'm going to replace it, but I can't get the belt that surrounds the alternator loosened. I got the main bolts and nuts off the alternator and the electrical connections. Now I just think I have to pull it out of its housing, but need to loosen belt first. I don't know where or how to loosen belt.

If you have a serpentine belt, there is an automatic tensioner below and to the left of the alternator. Put a wrench on the pulley bolt to rotate the pulley clockwise and release tension on the belt. Hope this helps!
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the 1990 Dodge Ram 5.2/5.9L engines have multiple V-belts. One for the Power steering, Generator and ir Pump if equipped. Loosen the generator pivot bolt and adjuster bolt. Some engines may have an adjuster bolt mounted on the bracket just below the alternator.You should be able to rotate the alternator to remove the belt. You will have to remove the other belts to replace this belt.