2009 Buick Lucerne Q&A

2009 Buick Lucerne Question: before replacing a fuel pump due to car not starting what should I check first

also while driving just shuts down -
Answer 1
The fuel pressure to see if that is the reason it's not starting! -
Answer 2
Check for fuel pressure at engine rail. We have taped a pressure gauge to the windshield and driven vehicles while watching for pressure drop. -
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When it's not raining! Lol,seen a guy do that in the shop once, told him it probably wasn't a good idea. -
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'DUCK' tape HA HA. -
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When you turn the let on u should hear the pump priming the engine if u don't check your fuses.and maybe use a multi metor and check the volts on the wires going to the pump. If u hear it come on and out won't start try replacing your fuel filter -
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Talk about people that think they are experts! You know what i mean! Any way this guy takes the car out in the rain for a test drive and you guessed it, them wipers had to be replaced! That is a da.n good test, i have left the gauge on them a couple days before. You do what ever it takes on an intermittent though! -
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I'd hate to see the big gauge you would need to be able to see it at your age. By the way- I'm not answering his questions after his remarks. A new one listed now. -
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Likewise! I never claimed to be an EXPERT!!.....You are only as old as you make up your own mind to be! (I wish) Hell, that's what glasses are for! -