bearing seal is leaking oil on front differential on 2004 Nissan Titan

I have a 2004 titan A I t has a leak from a front differential bearing on the left side. It is a 17.00 part and the dealer is telling me that i have to replace the whole differential for 1700.00 Has anyone had this problem?

by in Leeds, UT on September 02, 2010
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ANSWER by , January 08, 2011
If its leaking its without a doubt a bad differential ...I Chang 50+ a year on 04-05 generally at 55-70k miles. LEFT SIDE IS A DEAD GIVE AWAY THAT BEARING HAVE FAILED and gears are toast. NISSAN IS PLAYING DUMB AND DEAF TO THIS and will tell you its your fault and how you operated your vehicle. BULL SH$%. IVE HAD A 77 YEAR MAN AND A 20 YEAR OLD WITH SAME EXACT WEAR, AND I DOUBT THEY WERE RACING EACH OTHER.... Just like they still do on rear differential failures the 04-05 still suffer from. They quietly updated both different and lube required with no recall or acknowledged factory defect... I paid $41,532 for my titan and $13,749.13 parts and have only 66k (all highway and city) WE THE PEOPLE NEED CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE. RECALL RECALL RECALL
COMMENT by , January 13, 2011
A RECALL IS IN ORDER and A CLASS ACTION CASE SHOULD BE BROUGHT FORWARD. MY 2006 Nissan Titan 4x4 is having it's third rear axle replaced today at 88k miles. My axle that just went, was installed 15 motnhs ago. Before that the original axle was leaking fluid at both seals, left and right side. I am fortunate, i have an extended warranty and Nissan is paying. I was aware that Nissan had some rear axle issues when I purchased my truck in the summer of 2006. I questioned the dealer (salesman) and was told that the problems were fixed in teh 2006 models and that the 2004-2005 models were in fact prone to rear axle failures due to over heating. So, the problem was NOT fixed in 2006, 2007, 2008, ect... NISSAN CONTINUES TO SELL FLAWED engineered rear axle VEHICLES TO LOYAL TRUSTING CUSTOMERS. I feel bad for those people who were loyal to Nissan American who have to pay for these repairs out of their own pocket. Nissan is taking advantage of you so speak up! When my warranty runs out at another 12k miles, i will be faced with the same circumstances you. I also need to find a fix to my rear axle problems???
ANSWER by , January 19, 2011
I have a 2005 Nissan Titan with the same front differential failure. Internet search shows it's a common problem and happening much more frequently as these trucks get a few years old. My dealer wants $1800 to replace front differential. Dealer also diagnosed both real axle seals are shot and need to be replaced for $800. My Titan only has 37,000 miles on it.
ANSWER by , February 04, 2011
yep, seems that the case and caps are machined as one.. BS they are one, but only because of the way they are manufactured. so, the case has to be replaced. very common problem. watch junk yard pieces as all titans are doing this. check for tolerances, and play before installing. watch for debri in oil, mainly silver shavings. any ones guess that nissan is using a silver hi-po to cover up the silver shavings?
ANSWER by , February 04, 2011
Same problem on my 2005 Titan with only 37,000 miles on it. I filed a complaint with the gov as well as contacted Nissan and they said they will not help.