Bearing out on drive belt somewhere. on 1993 Ford E-150

Got a squeal on the belt on 5.3 LTR fan belt. one of the bearings is going out, but cannot find which one.. tried to use a stethoscope to locate which one, but can only do alt and one idler..ideas, and will climb under to check the air pump..
Second question, What is the process for getting the belt off. got to loosen something to take tension off, but what, my manual does not say much about it..

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Read up on how to do the belt repairs that you requested. Spray some WD-40 on the belt, and see if that changes anything. You may have to remove the belt and then spin each and every pulley ( except of course the Crankshaft ) and use the stethoscope. Also, be sure to check your A/C pulley and your water pump. When you spin each pulley, see if it has any play in the bearing.
Here is a link for repair info for your car
How do you remove the belt, know something must be loosened up to take tension off, then tightened but not sure which one, as in original post. When cold no noise, but after 15 minutes or so it starts up. At first thought it was alt but listened and no noise there..did replace upper idler and belt about year back, wd40/belt dressing etc, is not solution, but curious which item is loosened up to get belt off..Noted on AC that both off or on, no change in noise. Read where air pumps sometimes do this, but seems higher up. No wobble when looking at fan so doubt it is water pump.