battey light on 1993 Acura Integra

my battery light comes on when i run my accessories, i checked my alternator, starter, and battery. i have charge to all parts until i am driving my battery goes dead and i have to recharge it. what would i check next?

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Check the battery voltage at rest. A volt meter across the battery should read 12.6 volts, if not charge and test the battery. Run the engine even at rest the battery voltage with a voltmeter across the battery should read 14.6 volts approx or the alternator is not charging correctly.There is a big 80 Amp fuse under the hood that brings power to the white wire at the alternator, fuse 24 (15 Amp) under dash fuse box allow power to the alternator on the black/yellow wire at the alternator when the ignition key is in the run position, test for power with the connector disconnected at the alternator and the key on. Acura use a wire they call Rf at the alternator to cancel the alternator form charging when full engine load is needed or at idle when initially started from cold to lower emissions and smooth out the idle, give better fuel economy but all this is computer controlled. Bret is asking you to put an inductive amp meter across the power wire at the alternator to see what the alternator is putting out it should peak at about 70 to 80 Amps. An alternator can put out less than spec amperage if a diode or regulator is bad.
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What is the amperage output of the alternator? Is it within the specification?