Battery/Electrical ? on 2003 Dodge Stratus

Here's the deal...I have had the battery and alternator checked and both are fine. The problem is as I'm driving sometimes the car loses power as if the battery is being drained. The dash lights flicker, the radio goes off, and if the air is on, it doesn't blow as hard. If you turn the car off at that point, it will not start back. After jumping car off it's fine again until this happens again. If you continue to drive it eventually the dash lights go out, the radio comes back on and the air blows at full strength. Also, after turning engine off, it will crank up as if nothing is wrong. It's driving me crazy....HELP please!!!

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Charging circuit is failing intermittently ...suspect alternator..
I can't begin to tell you how many comments and frustrated posts looking for answers I've read. My son has a 2000 Dodge Stratus and is having the exact issues that I have been reading about and researching. Isn't there a Mopar guy out there that can offer a reasonable explanation. This seems to be a too common problem from the Dodge vehicles, especially the Stratus. I know some of you are just trying to help, but jumping to the first obvious possibilities like the alternator, battery and or PCM are not fixing the problem. I see people throwing good money after bad trying to fix the issue. I am frustrated just like the rest of you and have been researching this problem by reading post after post. I have entered the issue into Google by rewording my search to get different results and I just keep finding more frustrated people with the same or similar problem. Mopar Mechanic where are you? Someone out there knows what the issue is, would you please be so kind and help us all out? Does the Dodge have shotty wiring that leads to a short somewhere? I sure would appreciate a logical response that offers a solution not a guess.