Battery won't charge on 1990 Ford Crown Victoria

I have something draining the battery. t's brand new and over night it drained it where it won't turn over the car and it won't take a charge.

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First thing I'm thinking of is a sticking relay - like a PCM or Fuel pump relay, in the battery junction box under the hood. Merry Christmas and good luck.
My alt. was bad so I got a new one. The new battery I put in drained bad by the old alt . I tried to jump it with another car and it won't even turn over. Could it be the voltage regulator or maybe the starter? I don't know what to try next.
OK - so, to sum up, you got a new battery and a new alternator. I'm assuming the new battery is fully charged now. If not, charge it. Don't depend on a jump start.

Clean your cables - all of them, verify all connections are tight.

I'm pretty certain that the voltage regulator in that Crown Victoria (it IS a 1990, right?) is integral to the alternator. So, hopefully your replacement alternator included the regulator.

If you have no click or crank at all, you could have a Neutral Safety Switch issue. If your car does not sense park or neutral, it won't let it crank. Verify your shifter is securely in park or neutral.

The starter could be a source of your issue as well. Make sure all signal wires and cables as equipped are totally secure and corrosion free. What you have to remember in the entire system is that anything causing the slightest bit of resistance (corrosion, loose connection, etc...) will make cranking harder to accomplish.

Look at those few things and hopefully something will stand out. Good luck.
Thanks I will try this,but there is a little round either a solenoid or regulator that the battery is hooked to on the wheel well. That is the part I was wondering if it was bad. when I did try to jump it the light on the hood and dash lights got real bright almost like a short to ground which I am not sure how to find. I have a multi tester and I cant get a reading from it.
That is your starter relay...which could be bad. You would want to see if your starter is getting energized when you turn the key to the "start" position. If not, trace it back to the relay.

The lights get brighter with your jumper because your battery is weak or the cabling has excessive resistance somewhere. I do not believe it is indicative of a short.
I think it is fixed now. Thank you so much for your help.
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is alt working
Haven't had it tested yet. will that drain the battery over night?