Battery setup on 1993 Dodge Intrepid

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which post do the 2 smallest wires go on?
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Each cable wire terminal have an insulated jacket to provide visual identification, The Positive terminal is RED and the Negative terminal is BLACK.

The battery positive cable terminal clamp is die cast onto the ends of two wires; one connects the battery positive cable to the B(+) terminal stud of the Power Distribution Center (PDC), and the other wire to the B(+) terminal stud of the Engine Starter Motor Solenoid.

The battery negative cable terminal clamp is also die cast onto the ends of two wires. One connects the battery negative cable to the vehicle Powertrain through a stud on the right side of the Engine Cylinder Block. The other wire is connected to the vehicle body through a ground screw on the right front fender inner shield, near the battery.