2007 BMW 530xi Q&A

2007 BMW 530xi Question: Battery replacement.

I called one of the BMW specialty shops recommended by RepairPal for no start. The shop claimed that most likely the battery needs to be replaced. I know from the dealer that you have to program a computer in the car anytime you replace a battery. I told this to the mechanic but he started laughing and said that the dealer probably wants to make extra money. So, I don't know now if you have to or don't have to program the computer. Please answer asap! -
Answer 1
I believe the battery has a box on top of cover and if it does then yes it will need to be programmed. -
Answer 2
Some really new BMWs do need a reprogram after a battery replacement, they are so overly sophisticated the article I read said the computer wants to know if the battery was replaced so it can modify the characteristics of the charging system. Why do the complicate what should be a simple system. -
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Amen to that. -
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