2005 Toyota Prius Q&A

2005 Toyota Prius Question: Battery replacement?

Discharge Warning light on. Hybrid vehicle battery warning light ON -
Answer 1
some off the cells might be bad you should take it to the dealer and retrieve the codes -
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cost and recharging.
How much will it cost to replace the battery when it's time?
parking at an angle light was on. Would that be enough to discharge it? If not, is there anything else that could be draining the power. I think the battery is OK? It's been fine for years.
The car battery (like the ones in all cars) keeps running down. I only drive my car once a week for 20 miles r/t. I have replaced it once to the tune of $300+. I only have 38000 miles on my car...
I was told that the batteries in my Prius would last about 100K miles. Does anybody know of a Prius owner who had to replace the batteries yet?