Battery new, alternator tested loses power dies at stoplight on 2000 Mitsubishi Montero

After new battery installation, 2 days go by and the suv lost power, returned to repair shop and problem was diagnosed as "electrical" problem. No one will service

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Joe'. I know this doesn't help U today, but for others: This is common on these (mine is a '99 / 3.0). The reason is that as the Crankshaft Seal weeps oil, it sprays lightly enough over time, where it coats the Alternator (and eventually the Starter) and it / they eventually get compromised & then eventually fail.
Our Alt. lasted about 3 yrs / 25/30K mi. before it failed again for the same reason. Anyway, when the battery fails, the 'memory' in the computer which contains all of the 'Starting / Warm-up' curves in order to set the correct idle fuel mixture, etc. , has to re-learn things. So after about 5 --> 10 starts / warm-ups, your idle ought to be fine. But make sure that: your Battery Terminal Connections are tight, and that your Alt. is actually *good*! Then U ought to be all set. Probably the simplest "Electrical Problem" you'll ever have!! - M.H. / Rochester, NY