battery-mil on 2004 Honda S2000

hello, i own a honda s2000 of 2004. A few days ago my battery went dead and i recharge it by connecting it with the terminals of another car. when i start on the engine i notice that the Malfunction Inticator Lamp was on. After a while the MIL went off. I change the battery the next day and all were back to normal. Should i worry with that time when th MIL was on? Or its a was a common reaction because my battery was dead?

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Low battery voltage causes all kinds of problems. The Check Engine light will correct itself and erase the fault from the memory of the computer after it goes through several drive cycles. If the battery is replaced or had gone totally dead, the computer relearns its idle speed strategy. You have nothing to worry about.
Can somebody guide me as what to do with my 2004 Honda accord car having this problem.My car didn't start a few days ago in the morning so I started with a booster battery from another car and then replaced the battery.But following day the fuel level indicator gauge didn't respond and the light under it started flashing, After two days an engine malfunction lamp came on.I disconnected the battery leads and connected but it didn't get reset.
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take your v i n number to your dealer they can look up your radio code for you