1992 Ford Taurus Q&A

1992 Ford Taurus Question: battery light/power steering out

today as I was driving on the highway, the batter light came on, and I seem to have lost power steering. The car continues to start just fine. help.... -
Answer 1
Find out why the belt came off or broke and fix it! Then replace belt. -
Comment 1
What belt? I know nothing about cars, I'm just trying to figure it out. thank you for helping. -
Comment 2
I know you have heard the term fan belt, well your car has one belt that drives all the accesory componets like air cond. power steering water pump and the alternator. Sounds like this belt is either broken or jumped off. You will need someone who knowes cars to look at it where it sits now, do not try to drive it until it is checked out!! -
Comment 3
Thank you so much. This helps me a lot! -
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