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2000 Mercury Cougar Question: Battery light still flashes after replacing the wiring harness to the alternator

I bought the car 7 months ago and replaced the alternator a week later. it worked fine for awhile but I noticed the dash lights going dim and then getting brighter. Battery light just started to come back on so I took it to a Ford dealer and they replaced the wiring harness to the alternator. that fixed it for about a week, now the battery light is flashing when I drive down the Road. -
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I did they act like they don't want to mess with it has been there for 3 days. Could the alternator have went bad since I replaced it way before I had wiring harness replaced? -
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yes that is poss call the service manager and tell him whats going on and see if that will help -
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Ok thanks. I will do that I will post when I know something. -