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2000 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Battery Light ON

I had not used my car for a week. Turned it on this morning and the battery light was on. Drove around for a little bit and went to auto zone. When they went to run the battery test, it said battery needs charge in order to retest. When I went to turn on the car, it would not start. Replaced the battery and the light is still on. The alternator is a year old as well as the battery that I removed. -
Answer 1
It sounds like your new alternator is not charging. Check the alternator belt first. The fact that "battery" lamp is on means that portion of the charging system , the lamp circuit provides exciter voltage and has a path to ground through the alternator , is OK. The alternator output needs to be checked. Incidentally if you recharge your old battery and check it again you may find it to be fine. -
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